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Web applications

A web application (or WebApp) is a software application that is accessed over the Internet via a web browser. WebApps provide cross-platform compatibility (i.e Mac, Unix, or Windows) because they operate within a web browser window. No additional software is "installed" on your computer, calculations are performed by a combination of client and server side scripts. Software updates are instantaneous as there are no files to distribute to individual computers.

There are some subtle differences between WebApps and traditional Windows applications. The most significant of these differences is the fact that field changes are not immediately recognized. Because there is no "OnChange" event, changes in an input field are not recognized until the data is submitted either by tabbing to new field or by clicking a button. The best example of this difference is the dose entry screen of Antibiotic Kinetics. If you change the recommended dose you must click the "Levels" button to recalculate the projected serum level estimates.


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