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RxInterventions© support FAQ's

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Question. This page is intended to provide answers to common questions, along with some useful tips and tricks that are presented as questions.

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General questions

How and where do I download and install the update?

RxInterventions© has a built-in update checker, it is accessed via the Help menu:
RxInterventions update

There are three steps to the web update process, and there are three buttons on the web update dialog which correspond to the three steps.
Label updater

  1. Click Check for updates to access the RxKinetics web site to check for available updates. If an update is available, the "Download" button will be activated.
  2. Select an update from the list by clicking on the check box next to the description, then click the Download updates button to proceed. If the download was successful, the "Install" button will be activated.
  3. A running program cannot be replaced.
    Therefore, you must exit RxInterventions before installing an update. Web update will not proceed with the install step until you close RxInterventions.
    After you have closed the RxInterventions program, click the Install updates button to begin the update process.

Where do I find what functions have changed in the latest version?


Problem solutions

We need to reinstall RxInterventions© on our new computer, how do we transfer our current data and program settings from our old computer?

Follow these steps:
  1. Copy these two files from your current install folder (usually c:\Program files\RxInterventions) to a backup folder or removable media (floppy disk, USB drive, etc) :
    • rxinterventions.mdb = database
    • rxint.ini = settings
  2. Install RxInterventions© onto your new computer from the original installation CD.
  3. Copy the files from the floppy created in step 1 to the install folder in your new computer.
  4. Download and install the latest update patch from the website.

Does RxInterventions© run on 64-bit Windows 7?


All versions of 64-bit Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) are able to run 32-bit programs seamlessly through WOW64 which is provided with the operating system and does not have to be explicitly enabled. In other words, it's 100% automatic. (Ref: Microsoft)

According to Microsoft, 32-bit software running under WOW64 has a similar performance when executing under 32-bit Windows. (Ref: Microsoft)


Troubleshooting RxInterventions© error messages


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