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RxKinetics© problem report form

Step 1. Check the Support FAQ page.
The Support FAQ pages may have the answer you need. They cover the most common problems, including installation and setup difficulties.


Step 2. Check for the latest build.
Review the version history to see if the problem you are experiencing has been fixed with a newer build.

Step 3. Submit a problem report.
If you have the latest build and you couldn't find your answer on the FAQ page then submit a report using the form below. Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem.

Have a feature request?
If you want to submit a suggestion or a request for enhancement, please use this same form. Your feedback is highly valued!

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What program are you having a problem with?
Antibiotic Kinetics© for Windows
Antibiotic Kinetics© for Android
Antibiotic Kinetics© for iOS
APK© for Windows
Kinetics© for Windows
RikiTikiWiki© for Windows
RxInterventions© for Windows
TPNassist© for Windows
Unit Dose Labels© for Windows
WebApp (

What build are you using?
(found on the disclaimer screen when the program first starts)

What operating system are you using?
Windows 8, 10
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 95, 98 or ME
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Is your database stored on a network (LAN)?

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