Vancomycin dosage calculation
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1The best strategy for dosing vancomycin
Aim for a high peak to maximize killing
Aim for a low trough to minimize toxicity
Maintain trough above MIC
Maintain trough below MIC

2For practical purposes, round vancomycin doses to
The nearest 50mg
The nearest 10mg
The nearest 250mg
The nearest 500mg

3If a 1-compartment model is utilized
Give smaller doses more frequently
Obtain peak levels 15-30 minutes after administration
Give larger doses more freqently
Obtain peak levels at least 1-2 hours after administration

4The main reason vancomycin dosage requirements are so unpredictable
Inter-patient variability of Vd
Hybrid values are utilized
Infusion length varies
All of the above

5In the 2-compartment model
The peak drives the dose
The trough drives the dose
The interval drives the dose
None of the above