Choose the correct answer for each question.

1The best strategy for dosing vancomycin
Continuous infusion
Maximize amount
Extended interval
Maximize concentration

2Vancomycin nephrotoxicity is
Well documented
Related to elevated peak levels
Conclusively related to elevated trough levels.
None of the above

3A 1-compartment model for vancomycin
Gives the best overall predictive performance.
Results in a significant improvement.
Requires post-distribution serum samples.
Is the least used model.

4Target peak levels for vancomycin
At least 8-10 times the MIC
Should remain above the MIC
Correlate with efficacy
None of the above
All of the above

5During prolonged therapy, what property of vancomycin necessitates close monitoring of SDC's?
Inter-patient variability
Post-antibiotic effect
Concentration-independent killing