Drug database

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To edit drug data, click File then database maintenance from the Menubar.


Because the database maintenance function is so powerful, it is password protected.


The databar is used to navigate through the drug database.


The status line to the left of the databar indicates the current database mode:





All fields are required, i.e., they cannot be left blank:

Drug: name of additive

Amount: amount of additive in mg or units

Volume: volume of additive (enter 0 if premixed solution)

Solution: name of solution

Volume: volume of solution

Dosage in: determines the format of the drip chart

Chart increment: standard (1 ml/hr) or microdrip (0.1ml/hr)

Adult dosage: this is a free form text field limited to 50 characters

Pediatric dosage: if pediatric dose is not applicable, enter "n/a" here



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