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How do I download and install Antibiotic Kinetics for Windows CE?

To download a file from Internet Explorer:

  1. When you click a link to download a file, you will see a dialog box like this one:

    download prompt

  2. Make sure that the Save this program to disk option is selected.

  3. Click OK. You will see a Save As dialog box showing a list of folders and files on your hard drive.

    download prompt

  4. Click the Desktop icon, then click Save.
    The file will be downloaded to your computer's hard drive and the link to the file will be on your Windows desktop.

    The name of the file you are downloading is Abpkce.exe, in case you need to find it later.

  5. A new window will be displayed showing the download progress. Depending on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection, this may take a while.

  6. You will be notified when downloading has completed. Click the Close button.


After you have downloaded the file:

  1. Close your web browser.

  2. Connect your Handheld to your PC and turn on the power.

  3. To ensure you are connected, check if ActiveSync displays the "Connected" message.

  4. Double-click the file icon on your desktop.

  5. Next, you will see a "WinZip" dialog. Click the "Setup" button on this dialog to begin the install.

    Win zip

  6. Next, you will see a "Setup" dialog. Click the "OK" button on this dialog to install to your handheld.


  7. Next, you will see a series of dialogs. Click "Ok" on the "Add/Remove programs" dialog (if it appears):

    Add/remove programs

    Click "Yes" on the installing application dialog.

    Okay to install

    Potential error messages

    1. If your device is not connected you will see this message:

      Pending install

    2. If you downloaded the wrong program for your version of Windows CE:

      Wrong version

  8. When the desktop installer has completed the transfer, click the "OK" button.

    Transfer complete

  9. Finally, on your Handheld you will see a "Confirm file Replace" dialog. Click the "Yes to all" button.


  10. The application is now installed on your handheld. The downloaded file, Abpkce.exe, is no longer needed. You may remove it by dragging the icon from your desktop to your Recycle bin.

After you have installed the handheld program.

  1. Tap the Start button

    Tap Start

  2. Tap "Programs"

    Tap Programs

  3. Tap the "Antibiotic Kinetics" icon to run the program.

    Tap AbPK

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