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How to enter a drug model

Ampicillin 1-compartment model

  1. Start the Edit drug model function by clicking File then Edit drug models from the menu bar.

  2. To add a new model, click the add icon ( + ) on the database navigation bar.

  3. Enter the following data in the appropriate fields. You may, of course, use numbers for Vd and Kel which are better suited for your patients.
Field Data Notes
Drug name Ampicillin Must be a unique name
Vd (L/kg) 0.26 Volume of distribution (L/kg)
CF for Vd 0.4 Vd correction for obesity
Renal Kel .0064 From the Kel equation
Kel = Nonrenal + (CrCl x Renal)
Nonrenal Kel .058 From the Kel equation
Kel = Nonrenal + (CrCl x Renal)
Target peak 50 Target peak level
Peak predict time 0 Time, after the end of the infusion, that you will be targeting your peak. This is usually set to zero, unless you are modeling a drug with a long distribution time, e.g., vancomycin.
Target trough 5 Target trough level
Infusion time 30 Length of infusion in minutes
EI Dose 0 Dose for extended interval ("once-a-day") AG dosing.
Enter zero to suppress.
Pediatric dose (mg/kg) 50 Applies if age is 8 days to 11 years
Pediatric Interval (hours) 6
Neonatal dose (mg/kg) 50 Applies if age is 1 to 7 days
Neonatal interval (hours) 12
Permit serum level analysis (leave unchecked) You would check this if your drug model has a routine serum level assay, e.g., AG's and vanco.

  • To post changes, click the post button (check mark) on the databar.

  • Click the close button to save the drug model database and return to the main APK© window.

    For more information on building models "from scratch", see this tutorial:

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