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About Registering Antibiotic Kinetics© for Windows CE (Mobile / Pocket PC)

If you have not already downloaded Antibiotic Kinetics© for Windows CE (Mobile / Pocket PC), please do so before registration.

When you purchase your registration code, you will be asked to provide your Device Owner name (this is not your device serial number).


Access the registration screen from the Patient data screen by tapping "Register" on the menu bar, then "Enter SN".

Antibiotic Kinetics CE Registration

Your Device Owner name is displayed on the Antibiotic Kinetics registration screen.

Antibiotic Kinetics CE Registration

Alternately, you can obtain your Device Owner name from the starting screen of your CE device. It's on the second line, under today's date, to the right of the word "Owner:"

Pocket PC Starting Screen

Please note: Your device name is used to generate a unique registration code. It is very important that you provide the exact name displayed on your device or your registration will not validate. Case, spaces, and punctuation are all important.

If your owner name is blank, you must set it before registering. Tap the word "Owner" on your Today screen, or:

  1. Tap "Start"
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Tap "Owner Information"

Now that you understand what information is required, please click the following link to register your copy:

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