abpk dosing

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Targeted AUC dosing




To initiate dosing based on a target 24-hour AUC:

Click View on the menu bar then click Targeted AUC dosing
Or Click the AUC icon on the toolbar


Please note: until a pk model has been correctly entered, Targeted AUC dosing is disabled.





Targeted AUC dosing steps:

1.Enter a target 24-hour AUC:MIC ratio (default is 400).
2.Enter an MIC (default is 1).
3.An ideal dose is calculated based on the currently selected pk model.
4.Enter a practical dose and interval.
5.The resultant AUC:MIC ratio, peak, and trough are then displayed.
6.Click the Save button to copy your recommendations to the main window.


Please see the Drug Reference section for the equations used in the calculations.


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