TPN solution requirements

1TPN therapy is part of routine care in:
Necrotizing pancreatitis
Bowel resection
Radiation enteritis
All of the above

2TPN is usually helpful in:
Short-term supplemental nutrition
Inflammatory bowel disease
Hyperemesis gravidarum
All of the above

3Fluid requirements are increased in:
Renal failure
Congestive heart failure

4The average adult requires ___ kcal/kg/day
28 to 30
40 to 55
70 to 100
90 to 100

5Protein should never be included in the calculation of energy

6Which of these patient groups is at greatest risk of fluid overload and electrolyte abnormalities?
Diabetes mellitus
Renal disease
Pulmonary disease
All of the above

7Specialized formulations of amino acids may be helpful for patients with
Diabetes mellitus
Pulmonary disease
Hepatic disease
None of the above