Drug Elimination
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1First order elimination is
Constant rate per time
Contant amount per time
Variable rate per time
None of the above

2Half-life is an expression describing
Apparent volume of distribution.
How quickly a drug is eliminated.
Kel x 0.693
Kel / 0.693

3If the CL of a drug is increased without any affect on Vd, the t 1/2 will:
No effect
Invalid assumption

4If the SDC of a drug falls from 4 to 2 mcg/ml in 3.5 hours, the half-life is:
7 hours
3.5 hours
1.75 hours
None of the above

5Clearance is defined as:
Amount of drug cleared per unit time.
Volume of blood cleared of drug per unit time.
All of the above