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Click the "View" icon to preview the drip chart.


On the preview window you may change the dosage display and chart type.


Dosage in:

mg (or units) per HR

mg (or units) per min

mg (or units) per kg/HR

mcg (or mU) per HR

mcg (or mU) per min

mcg (or mU) per kg/min

mcg (or mU) per kg/HR


Chart increment:

Standard: ml/hr increments by 1 ml

Microdrip: ml/hr increments by  0.1 ml

Custom: enter your own increment


Chart range:

Enter the starting and ending drip rate in ml/hr.

Please note that the maximum number of drip rates that may be displayed is 100, therefore, the maximum ending rate is:

Starting rate + (100 x  Increment)


Click the "Print" button to create a hard copy of the drip chart.


Click the "Close" button to return to the main window.



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