Getting started

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The basic steps to create a drip chart are:

1. Enter patient data

To enter a new patient: click the "New" icon newpat on the data bar to clear the current patient data.  Then enter the patient data: name, room, age, sex, and weight.


2. Select drug

To retrieve a drug: click the drop down selector selector on the drug input to display a list of available drugs.  Then click the drug name to select it.


To enter an unlisted drug: click the "New" icon newdrug on the data bar to clear the current drug data.  Then enter the drug data: name,  amount, unit, volume, solution, volume.


3. Preview drip chart

Click the "View" icon charticon on the data bar to preview the drip chart.  Before printing you may change the dosage display and chart type.


4. Print drip chart

Click the "Print" button to create a hard copy of the drip chart.

Click the "Close" button to return to the main window.



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